Natural Beauty: How To Get The Summer Glow

Ahhh, tis the season to look sun-kissed and beach babe beautiful. But too much sun is damaging to the skin and most self-tanners/bronzers are loaded with chemicals that are toxic. Soooo...what is a girl to do? We have done our homework for you! We have found some new tanning products and bronzers that have low-hazard scores when it comes to toxicity.  Plus, we have great natural health tips that will keep you glowing well after summer has come and gone.

1. H2O: We all know by now that drinking lots of water is great for the skin. It helps to cleanse the body and flush out toxins. It also helps with circulation - increasing blow flow to the skin. Drinking 2 liters a day will help keep your skin stay hydrated and fresh. Just as important as it is to drink water, it is also good to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy. It helps to hydrate the cells, improving skin and muscle tone. 

2. Exercise: Working up a sweat is like getting a mini-facial. You know that rosy glow after a great workout! When you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open-up, allowing more blood to reach the surface of the skin delivering nutrients and oxygen. The increased blood flow also helps carry away waste products, such as free radicals. 

3. Eat Fruits & Vegetables: Any excuse for me to plug this one - I take it! It's true, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods, helps you get that healthy glow. Your body needs the proper amount of nutrients to keep all your organs healthy including the skin. By eating fresh whole fruits & veggies, you are giving your skin beneificial phytochemicals. 

4. Dry Brush: Dry brushing is part of my daily cleansing routine. It helps to increase lymphatic flow and circulation, as well as exfoliate the skin and improve overall texture. Plus, as an added bonus, if performed daily can help eliminate cellulite. 

5. Exfoliate: Removing dead skins cells helps to improve circulation to the skin and helps improve skin texture and tone. It also helps to brighten the skin and reduce fine lines and premature wrinkles.  Additionally, exfoliating creates a smoother surface so when you apply tanning lotion you have a more even look. I typically like to exfoliate once a week. Try DIY Cleansing Grains for your face and DIY Citrus Scrub for the body. 

6. Moisturize: One of the many things that is so appealing about the summer glow, is the dewey look that seems to come with a day spent by being in and out of the water. It's important to make sure you are moisturizing as the summer elements and activities can dry out the skin. I typically use a moisturizing facial oil and body oil in the evening, especially after a day at the beach. In the AM, it's all about a non-toxic moisturizer with SPF. Top product picks: Juice Beauty Moisturizer, Green Apple, SPF 15, The Honest Company - Honest Body Oil and Weleda Almond Soothing Natural Facial Oil. 

7. Non-Toxic Self Tanner: True Natural Self Tanner: Anti-Aging Face & Body (Lavender Scent) is one of the best non-toxic self-tanners on the market - it has a low-hazard score of 1 and gives you a sun-kissed glow in under three hours. It can be used on both the body and the face. I personally prefer to use it only on my body and stick with bronzing powder for the face. Don't forget to exfoliate and moisturize before applying - it's all about the prep! 

8. Bronzer: Before applying bronzer, if you need to even out your skin tone, apply a sheer foundation or mix with your moisturizer for a lighter coverage. The key with using bronzer is not to over apply to the point that your face looks dull, dirty, orange or sunburned! Instead you want a natural look that highlights your face and adds warmth. Choose a bronzer that is right for your skin tone. A little goes a long way, so lightly apply with sweeping motions to your  chin, jaw line, forehead, brow bone and tops of cheeks. I prefer using bronzing powder and Josie Maran - Argan Bronzing Powder is my top pick. 

9. Blush/Highlighter/Mascara & Lips: Adding a touch of pink blush helps keep the look natural. It's best to apply in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks and blend outward towards your hairline.  To enhance the radiance, follow with a touch of highlighter onto your cheekbones. Lastly, apply some mascara to help your eyes pop and dab on some light  lip gloss to complete the look. 

10. Sunblock: By no means do I plan to stay indoors to avoid the sun. I am a beach girl through and through. And that means staying under my umbrealla when I am not being active and wearing lots of  sunscreen when out and about. The key is to apply it liberally at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure,   The Honest Company Sunscreen is one of our favorites. 

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