Entertaining: Picnic for Two

Good morning, lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Sunday celebrating dad.  We managed to pack a lot in this weekend including a picnic! After Victor had been hard at work on the house, I surprised him with an outdoor spread for just the two of us. We did not travel far, only about  20 feet away from the house under our tulip tree..... 

I put together a simple lunch that included a sandwich filled with farm fresh goat cheese, avocado, onion and watercress. We had our own individual red quinoa salads in canning jars and for dessert we noshed on fresh cherries and strawberries. 

In my opinion, a summer picnic is not complete without homemade lemonade. The thyme in our garden is really starting to thrive so I made Thyme Lemonade (will be sharing the recipe later this week). I love  using the Korken bottles from Ikea - they are perfect for keeping drinks fresh and portable. 

I used lots of cutting boards to display the food and we also used separate one's as individual plates. I laid out a bright yellow tablecloth on the lawn and put wildflowers in mason jars for a little rustic decor. 

It was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon together just the two of us! You can be sure we will be having many more picnics this summer. 

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