In the Garden: A Peony Arranging Party

Hello, peonies! It's been a long year without you and I'm so happy to enjoy you for the next few weeks!

Yes, peony season is amongst us and ours blossomed last weekend! Once again, I am indulging in their beauty and having such fun arranging them and soaking up their inspiration. This season, it dawned on me that I should have a peony arranging party. It's a wonderful way to invite friends into your home to celebrate spring, and to be able share in the joy of a home grown garden.....

The key is to keep the party small and simple. Have baskets and pruning shears out when your guests arrive so they can help collect the flowers with you in the garden. This is the first of three baskets that we filled with fresh cut herbaceous peonies!

Once the peonies have been gathered, ideally it's nice to be able to arrange them outside.  Have a work station already set-up with the following supplies:
  • Craft paper 
  • Mason jars and/or inexpensive vintage vases
  • Scissors and/or pruning shears 
  • Floral frogs and/or foam 
  • Floral tape 
  • Kitchen twine 
Peonies look gorgeous all by themselves or with just a touch of greenery. Encourage guests to cut fresh greens from your garden or any other ideal pairings that are in bloom.

A peony party would not be complete without a signature cocktail. This pretty pink cocktail is refreshing, light and cooling - Limoncello Raspberry Prosseco. 

After all the flowers have been arranged, showcase them around the party and then sit down for an inviting long lunch (we will share our luncheon tablescape tomorrow)

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