Father's and Daughter's

There is no one like daddy in every little girl's eyes. Being an only daughter, I can attest to that special bond. My dad is truly my best friend and growing-up he played a really active role in my life. He took me to school most days, always made breakfast for us on Saturday mornings, patiently watched and drove me to all my extra-curricular "phases." He helped me with my math homework, we watched football and tennis together, we had a standing movie date every week, he taught me how to ride a bike and drive a car. We used to and still do sing songs when we are driving together. Every major decision I have made, he has been a part of the process. Even now, V and I will be discussing a problem or having a tough time making a decision,  and we both come to the conclusion that it's time to call my dad. On Sunday, we will all be honoring our dear dad's and I am sure many of you feel like I do - proud to be my father's daughter. Here are a few images of famous father's exuding love for their darling daughters.

An adventurous and devoted family man, Paul Newman adored both his daughters.

Like father like daughter - Frances Ford Coppola's, only daughter, Sofia has followed in her father's footsteps. She is an indie favorite and has great fashion sense to boot. Daddy even started a line of wines in her honor, simply named -  Sofia.

David Beckham is the epitome of a well-dressed dad. 

Even Steve McQueen, who was known as "The King of Cool," could not hide his soft-spot for his daughter. 
Hugh Jackman is a big box office draw, but he has made it known that family comes first. 
I am a sucker for any surfer dad. Laird Hamilton sure knows how to have some fun with his little girl, Reece. 
Robert Redford beams with joy while spending a day outside with his daughter. 

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