Natural Beauty: Blush into Fall

In the early days of fall, as we are transitioning out of summer and are just starting to reach for our sweaters, it's time for our makeup to make a switch too. I find that moving right into deep hues or jewel tones can be a bit jarring so I prefer to go with warm blush tones. They accentuate the end of a summer tan and give way to a fresh glowing look that is still sheer yet has just enough pop of color. Keep reading to get the look....

To prepare the canvas, after you moisturize, apply a slightly heavier foundation where your complexion may need to be evened out. Then to set the foundation, brush a light loose powder around your face.  Dust a very little bronzer around your outer cheeks, chin and forehead.  Next, add your blush. I recommend going heavy on the cheekbones for a slightly flushed lit-up look. As for the eyes, I tend to go light at first -  a little cream shadow and mascara. Then as the air gets cooler and crisper, I like to compliment the autumnal glow with a smokey eye. Lastly, I forgo the summer gloss and opt for a  creamy lipstick in a neutral blush tone.

About a week or two before Halloween, I  am finally ready to embrace a bolder look and grab for my red wine colored or bright crimson lipstick (another post to follow).

Here are three natural product picks that will make you blush into fall!

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