Cocktail Hour: Champagne + St. Germain + Silver Edge Thyme

Yes, that's right - we have two back-to-back posts on cocktails. Well, to be fair, yesterday's cocktail  was just straight-up Thyme Lemonade. We do a ton of entertaining in the summer, so you can be sure, we will have lots more cocktail hour posts. This sophisticated bar set-up was for our Sunday Dinner at Twilight. We were going for intimate and relaxed, but with a dressed up elegant look. Therefore I set-up a self-serve bar with champagne on ice and if one chose, they could add a splash of St. Germain and a sprig of Silver Edge Thyme (fresh from the garden).

I placed vintage gold rimmed champagne coupe glasses on my grandmother's monogrammed silver tray, added some candlelight, white linen cocktail napkins and arranged the last of the peonies.

We took in the beautiful light and toasted to many more evenings like this.....

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