My Favorite Kitchen Essentials

I could probably extend this list to my 10 favorite kitchen essentials, but right now these 5 are getting some serious play in the kitchen.

1. Le Creuset 5 Ot. Braiser: I am completely obsessed with my recent purchase! It's not only my favorite color - green, but it is so versatile. You can use it for scrambled eggs, frittata's, sauteing vegetables, cooking grains and of course, searing meat and then braising in the oven and much much more. You can use also use it on the grill AND it looks great as a serving piece too! 

2. William-Sonoma's Green Herb Snips: With my new herb garden (albeit very small at this point), I have been snipping away and this tool makes it so easy to quickly add them to any dish. 

3. Krups Compact Citrus Press: When it comes to juice, I am all about it being 100% fresh squeezed. My citrus juicer is in constant use, especially during the summer months. We always have a basket of lemons ready to make lemonade and and a pile of limes for margaritas. We also make lots of citrus marinades for grilling and salad dressings too. Plus, I like having fresh squeezed OJ in the house for when we have weekend house guests.

4. W├╝sthof Classic Chef’s Knife: While in the Didactic Program (DPD) in Nutrition and Dietetics at NYU, I took an Intro to Food & Food Science course. As part of the curriculum, we learned knife skills and we were taught that one good knife makes life a lot easier in the kitchen. In fact, we were required to buy a classic chef's knife and bring it to class. It's truly the quientessential culinary must have.

5. Le Creuset Demi Kettle: I am not a coffee gal - I drink hot water with lemon every morning and religiously drink herbal tea. Plus, I am married to an Irishman so when his family is around this little kettle goes into overdrive. I also think it is nice to be able to offer a cup of tea after dinner or when friends/neighbors stop by. I keep the kettle out at all times and the cheery yellow brighthens up the kitchen.

What are your favorite kitchen tools? Please comment and let me know. 

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