Healthy Recipes: With Strawberries

June has arrived and you know what that means?! It's strawberry season! And there is nothing like the taste of strawberries to make you feel like summer is in full swing. In CA, just up the road from where you turned off to get to my house, was "Annie's Stand." Located off to the side on a dirt driveway, with the ocean in the background, there stood an unassuming all white wooden stand with a big sign that read "Annie's Stand," and a huge red strawberry painted right next to the name. Annie was a staple in our community and took over the farm stand with her husband  in the 1970's, which had been operating since before WWII. As a little girl, my Mom and I would stop by almost everyday and pick-up fresh flowers and vegetables. But what Annie was most known for were her strawberries. When strawberry season arrived, there would be a huge line for her plump, juicy, oh so sweet, delectable strawberries!!  We devoured baskets and baskets of them and truly, could never get enough.....

In fact, we would not even be able to wait until we got home, my mom and I would start snacking right away in the driveway with the ocean view in front of us. To this day, I have not had a strawberry that compares. When strawberry season comes around, it takes me right back to Annie's Stand with our sticky fingers and smiling faces. Here are 10 recipes with strawberries that are not only healthy, but play up the seasonal delight just right! 

 (substitute the sugar for agave syrup instead)

(substitute the sugar for agave syrup or honey instead)

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