Destination: Beltane Farm

Happy Friday everyone! I am so thrilled the weekend is here. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous and we are going to take advantage of every minute. We have lots planned including a black tie masquerade wedding celebration in Brooklyn--very excited! For this weeks destination, I am taking us to Beltane Farm. Located in Lebanon, CT (and not too far from our weekend escape), Beltane is a dairy farm that produces delicious artisanal goat cheese. I first discovered them at the farmer's market in Chester, CT - the owner was there and he was graciously handing out samples of their most popular cheese, Chevre. As I was oohing and ahhing, he let me know about the spring and fall cheese tastings on their farm. Once the fall rolled around, we did not waste much time and headed out one weekend for an afternoon trip with our neighbors (who are foodie's too!). 

When it comes to cheese, I have a hard time staying away. As I have mentioned before, I usually stick to goat cheese because it's higher in protein and lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than many other cheeses. It is also easier to digest because the fat globules in goat milk products are smaller than cow's milk. So of course, I was excited about this fabulous local find. All of the Beltane Farm cheeses are made from pasteurized goat milk and are free of hormones, anit-biotics and animal rennet. They are fed local grass and hay and roam around the property happily. 

They have constructed a cute and cozy cottage-like tasting room where you can sample all their different cheeses. Their fresh Chevre comes in many different flavors, as well as seasonal blends such as pumpkin and honey. Out of the three French ripened cheeses they offer, I would say my pick is Beltane’s Vespers (above). But it is tough to decide!

While tasting you can also enjoy some local wine and shop around the store where they offer goat milk soap and other local goodies. 

Before heading out on the farm tour, you can refresh your wine glass or pour yourself a piping hot cup of apple cider.

There are three types of goats on the farm the LaMancha, Saanen and Oberhasli. Each definitely have their own personality. This female Oberhasli goat (whose name I forget) was a little ham. She loved posing for pictures and had a diva like presence. She definitely had the run of the place. And the team at Beltane would agree!

Check-out their attitude! “Lady, we are cool – go-ahead – take our picture!

And look at this little one....my heart just melts. How sweet is this shot? Victor made a new friend…

The team at Beltane was extremely friendly, warm and knowledgeable...it was a lovely afternoon.  Now that the spring is in full swing, we are planning another visit very soon! 

Hope you have a great weekend wherever your destination! 

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