Home Sweet Home: Let's Get Organized

I don't know about you, but when the new year arrives, I get motivated to go on a household cleaning/organization spree. After putting away the Christmas decorations, I start looking around and everything seems a bit disheveled. Suddenly, I am craving uncluttered spaces and the smell of fresh lemon in the air.

There is a huge connection between environment and wellness. Nowadays, many of us are drowning in all the things we own and it can impede mental clarity and make us stagnate. The new year is the perfect time to begin de-cluttering, organizing and finding a "home" for your "runaway" stuff. This is not something that needs to be tackled in one fell swoop, but rather broken down into projects. It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking at all that may have to be done - at least that is what happens to me. Therefore, I find that prioritizing room by room helps.  I start with the space that is most used  - for us it is the living room/dinning room. For others, it may be the kitchen or a play room. Then I write down my list of de-clutter/organization goals for the room and start to tackle them one-by-one in a chosen realistic time frame. It feels good to be able to shut the door, so to speak, and check off the room...and be on to the next. I plan to share some of my recent projects (there are a lot!), and in the meantime here is some inspiration to get you started......................

I love this idea of having your paperwork on wheels! I rarely actually sit at my home desk and instead I am always lugging my papers around room to room. This is a fantastic way to keep them organized while being mobile!
This type of entryway is easy to construct and perfect for a small city apartment. It utilizes dead space, creates an area to place your essential everyday items such as keys, cellphone, etc. and provides a warm, open welcome.
Rifling through kitchen drawers can make cooking more challenging.  Group them together for easy access and they are aesthetically pleasing to boot. 
In both our NYC apt and CT house, I am lacking counter and drawer space. A rolling cart gives you that extra room you may be looking for, keeps your tools tidy and close-by when needed. 

For those with little one's, a closet turned changing station is a brilliant way to create more space in a nursery. The chandelier gives it a finished look and adds a touch of glamour. 

Here at Intrinsic Beauty, we are all about our bulk whole grains, herbs and spices. These clear glass jars from Crate & Barrel keep the dry ingredients organized and it is easier to tell when you are running low. 

I dream of a large open pantry like the one in the first picture. However, as an alternative I like the idea of  painting a bookshelf and arranging your everyday staples together.  

Oh, the linen closet! By far the most cluttered closet in my house. Dividers, racks and baskets help keep things in their place and provide easy access. 

If you don't have enough closet space in your house for a dedicated linen closet, an armoire can do the job. 

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