Good Morning: Breakfast

Good morning "sunshines!"As we start the new year fresh, it is a great time to embrace and implement new healthy eating habits. I am not just talking about what you eat, but also when you eat. Breakfast which we have all heard is considered to be the most important meal of the day. It "breaks the fast" after a long night of sleep and gives you the energy to start the day right. Additionally, it may help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and metabolism throughout the day, leaving you to feel less hungry later, helping you to avoid overeating and prompting you to make healthier food choices. We feel so strongly about the importance of breakfast that we have created a dedicated series, which we have named, "Good Morning" that will showcase healthy AM recipes. It also happens to be my family's favorite meal of the day so much so, that we often eat breakfast type foods for dinner. So this is a bit of a selfish endeavour too! : ) "Good Morning" will also explore other ways we can improve our health and wellness during this glorious (often resented, yep I get it, I was not born to be a morning person) time of day.  We plan to hopefully inspire you to have many "Good Mornings!"


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