Tabletop: The Autumn Glow & Seasonal Elements

My new thing on the weekends is making sure we are home by 4pm so we can bask in the autumn afternoon glow. During this time of day, the light perfectly reflects off the trees, the changing colors of the leaves are highlighted, and the sky is a robin's egg blue and usually cloudless. The beauty of our CT surroundings becomes truly apparent. I recently invited some friends over to share in this beautiful time of day........

The late afternoon was all about relishing in the natural seasonal surroundings, so I placed the table on the lawn, away from the house. With having the trees and the barn as the backdrop, I went with a very simple tablescape playing up fall elements.

Picking up on the color of the barn, I incorporated fresh picked apples that still had their leaves, which created a softer more romantic look.

Per usual, I incorporated heirloom pieces into the setting. I also placed a sprig of rosemary on each napkin as a decorative touch and to weave in some additional green.

Images: Intrinsic Beauty