A Fall Beach Day & Picnic

On Saturday, temperatures in CT soared to the high 70's. This CA girl did not waste any time -  I packed up a picnic and headed to the beach with Victor. It was the perfect Indian summer beach day......

After Labor Day, the beaches in the Northeast empty out. Mentally, summer is over. I find that autumn  offers some of the most beautiful beach days and you get to enjoy them in peace. 

Our ETA was around brunch time, so I prepared a Sweet Potato & Kale Scramble beforehand and brought all the fixing's to roll up into "breakfast" burritos.  

We took a couple of long swims and since there was barely anyone at the beach, it felt very romantic. 

As Victor snuck in a nap, I pulled my chair up to the water and took in the scenery. I find it so amazing that we have a house that feels so deep in the country, yet the Long Island Sound is only 10 minutes away.....

Images: Intrinsic Beauty