A Mid-Summer Dinner in Ireland

As summer is coming to a close, I have been thinking about our recent travels and primarily our trip to Ireland. We did and saw so many wonderful things while we were there, but what was truly special about the trip was the amount of time we got to spend with Victor's family. Relishing in the unusually beautiful weather (80 degrees & sunny!) and the long evenings (light until 11pm), we shared many leisurely dinners outside.

One evening, we had dinner at my sister-in-law's who lives in a farmhouse about 10 miles outside the town of Sligo. Only a few miles from the sea, the air is fresh and the surroundings are breathtaking. Built in the 1700's, the farmhouse exudes true Irish charm and the enclosed courtyard offered a perfect setting for a mid-summer dinner party.

Being a vegetarian and very health coscious (we get along well!), my sister-in-law served a creative and
delicious menu filled with mainly local ingredients. All the herbs she used were from her garden and
the vegetables were from the nearby CSA. I  was enjoying the food so much that I failed to capture it on camera! But I did get the beautiful setting.....