Green Living: Peonies

To my surprise and absolute delight  - the first spring we were in CT, we discovered that the front of our property is full of peony bushes (I was actually jumping up and down, I was so excited). My favorite flower, I could not believe that I was now going to be able pick them by the dozens! It's finally peony season again and they are just starting to pop...

Very easy to care for, peonies are a gift that keep on giving. They come back every year and can live over 100 years. 

Peonies only bloom for a short time, but I recently discovered that you cut them before they open and keep them in the refrigerator for later use. You just cut them when they are closed tight and very hard, then wrap them in newspaper, put rubber bands on the ends, and store them on their sides in the refrigerator. I am hoping to make them really last this year!

They are strikingly beautiful no matter how you arrange them. As you can see from the first photo, I typically keep them bunched together without adding any other flowers. Just one or two stems in a long narrow vase, looks equally beautiful too. Whether they are fresh from your garden or the local grocery store, peonies will brighten up any room and are a perfect compliment to an early summer party. Here is to the season! 

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