Twenty-Four Hours in Islamorada

After going to a wedding in Key West, we left room on the back end of the trip to explore other parts of the Keys. We rented a convertible (of course) with no particular destination in mind and before we took off a local told us to check out Islamorada. We opened up the guide book - it looked good to us...off we went....

We stayed at the Cheeca Lodge and Spa which boasts a 1,200 square foot white sand private beach.

We wasted no time and plunged right into the turquoise water. We spent the afternoon SUP'ing and kayaking. I am truly the happiest when in the ocean - I am transported back to my childhood on the beaches of SoCal.

 We indulged in piƱa colada's and took in the ocean breeze.

We went for a long bike ride and managed to sneak some time in at the very luxurious spa pool. 

We had sundowners at Pierre's where the island feel is alive and the sunsets breathtaking. 

We headed back to the Cheeca for dinner and ate what can only be described as the best sushi I have ever had. Nikai Sushi is a local legend. The restaurant just seats 12 and you typically need reservations at least one month in advance. We were initially told that it was impossible to get in that evening, but the manager took a liking to us and made room (Victor's Irish charm comes in handy)

 It was a spectacular twenty-four hours in Islamorada.

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