Snapshots from Victor's Birthday Party

I am a big believer of birthday parties! Each new year, deserves to be recognized and celebrated properly. So as you can imagine, I love celebrating my darling hubby's birthday. He turned a year older not too long ago and to celebrate, we had close friends and family over for a cocktail party on our terrace. Here are a few fun snapshots of the evening....

I pre-made "grapefruit sparklers" so guests could enjoy a cocktail as they headed outside. We also had a bar set-up on the terrace.

Even though the focus of the party was outside, I filled our living room with fresh flowers and lots of candlelight.

I rearranged the furniture  so there would be "conversation areas," where guests could sit and relax. Here my mom and aunt are engaged in conversation with Patsy.

 There was also plenty of open space so our friends could mingle. 

Victor is not usually one for dessert, but he has a hard time resisting cookies, especially meringues. So instead of a cake, I layered vanilla meringues over chocolate chip cookies on a platter. I used a flower frog in the middle to hold the candles in place.

He was pretty surprised! 

Oh, how he loves the ladies. Here are three of my NYC bestie's - Jennifer. Robin and Susie. 

Vic opening presents, and my aunt and mom are clearly having fun watching him! 

V with Peter - they go back a long way! 

We live on the top floor of a walk-up, and my parents ascended up 7 flights of stairs for their son-in-law. 

We are so lucky to have such amazing and supportive family and friends. Thank you all for celebrating with us! 

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