Home Sweet Home: Cocktail Pool

Today marks the first day of summer! It's officially the season for lazy days, beach outings, exploring local watering holes, and clocking endless hours of pool time. While most days you will find me at the beach, this time of year always makes me feel like one thing is missing at our house - a pool. We have been wrestling with the idea of putting one in for some time. Our hesitation has been disrupting the expansiveness of the green lawn, and the never-ending maintenance that comes with a large pool. We recently realized that a splash pool or what is also know as a "cocktail pool" - don't you love the terminology?! - would alleviate both our concerns, and afford us the luxury of a cooling dip on a hot summer day. Oh, and yes, give us another excuse to invite friends over for cocktails! Here is some inspiration that I have been gathering before we break ground. 

Images: Pinterest 

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