Entertaining: Lawn Games Party

An early afternoon gathering of lawn games is one of my favorite ways to entertain in the summer.  A little healthy competition with cocktails, always makes for a good time. On Memorial Day weekend, we kicked-off the "the games" followed by a casual BBQ.


You can dress things up and go for a Great Gatsby type theme where you suggest all white attire or keep things casual. Either way, it's important to have a well stocked bar for lawn games. We decided to have a relaxed open house so we set-up a self serve bar. Fresh squeezed juices along with ginger ale, club soda and tonic were offered for mixing.

Bocce tends to be the favored game when this crew gets together - I think it's because you can still hold a drink while playing! But I am partial to croquet. 

Leah (right) is strategizing her next play. 

Can you tell who won? 

Celebrating the victory shot!

Image 4: Pinterest 

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