Natural Beauty: Mixed Berry Lips

Berry lips are all the rage for this fall and I am definitely on board with the trend! Now that we are deep into the season, I am all about donning the bold berry lip during the day and right through the night. Pick your color or go for a mixed berry shade -  raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, boysenberry...they all create a striking look for fall.  While choosing your berry color, also be mindful of whether a matte, gloss, cream or sheer option looks best on you. My natural beauty pick for this trend is RMS's lip2check product in Diabolique.  It is very rich in color yet can also be applied on sheer........... 

As for the rest of your makeup, you want to have a fresh face so you don't looked washed out or goth! So keep the foundation light and apply a blush that compliments your lip shade. Use a translucent powder to set your foundation, and after your blush has been applied, spritz some water on your face to create a natural glow. When it comes to the eyes, I like to use just a little bit of mascara during the day and then get a bit heavier with some eyeliner at night. 

The end result is a stunning and sultry look for fall! 

Images: Pinterest

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